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Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, implemented through Ethernet cabling, revolutionizes power delivery to devices, eliminating the need for separate power cables and outlets. This not only simplifies infrastructure but also contributes to energy efficiency, thereby reducing costs and global energy demand.
POE cabling

Reduction in Power Consumption

PoE devices draw less power due to their smart functionality, automatically turning on and off. Power sourcing equipment (PSE) manages power distribution over Ethernet, delivering 30 Watts to powered devices (PD). To maximize energy efficiency, considerations include remote management capabilities, minimizing the size and complexity of integrated circuits, and optimizing cable power losses.


Centralized Power Management

PoE consolidates power and data in a single cable, facilitating smart monitoring and control of devices. Centralized PoE networks, equipped with Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), ensure continuous operation during power outages. This integration of intelligent control systems and IoT sensors optimizes energy usage, driving industrial processes towards efficiency, cost reduction, and emissions reduction.


Power Scheduling and Automation

PoE features power management capabilities, delivering power based on device usage patterns. Power is limited to inactive devices, supporting high-power demands in industrial automation. Effective power management applications include emergency power generation, automatic power transfer schemes, station automation, and integration of secure power applications.


Energy Monitoring and Reporting

PoE networks offer access to energy consumption data through various means, including real-time streaming and historical data. Cloud-based tools enable the collection and sharing of energy usage data, facilitating analysis for better energy management. This data-driven approach supports decisions regarding network capabilities and the addition of more connected devices.


Integration with Energy Management Systems

Integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) enhances energy efficiency in modern buildings. PoE simplifies power and data distribution, enabling real-time analysis and response to data. Automatic power management, controlling devices based on occupancy, leads to reduced energy costs and sustainable building operation.


Compliance with Energy Efficiency Standards

PoE devices must adhere to standards for effective power and data transmission. PSEs should provide up to 30 Watts using the PoE+ standard, incorporating thermal management and power surge protection. A well-designed PoE network is crucial for energy sustainability and efficient power distribution.



PoE addresses the challenge of powering devices at a distance from a traditional power source. Its single-cable solution, delivering power and data connectivity, makes it a ubiquitous and dependable power source for network devices. By focusing on simplicity and energy efficiency, PoE contributes to intelligent energy management and storage solutions, enhancing overall power distribution system efficiency.


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